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Work of improvement

As part of the work iOpinion carry out we offer improvement work linked to the strengths and weaknesses your organization have. 

Through our selective selection process, we have picked out the best experts in a variety of areas that are ready to work with your organization. All of our partners are certified within iOpinion's validated methods.

Areas for improvement

Physical enhancement

Reach your mission statement by physical well being. In meetings with our experts your collaborators get advice in occupational therapy, ergonomics, rehabilitation and excercise. Get inspired and challenged together for a new life with good health. 

Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapists work with rehabilitation and habilitation of persons who due to various injuries, diseases or disabilities have a reduced ability to perform daily activities of different kinds. Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more.


Improve the conditions for your collaborators by customizing the environment based on its needs. Ergonomic improvements include 

everything from working position, sound, light and climate to how to treat the body gently when lifting, pushing, pulling etc.


The purpose with rehabilitation is to find a optimal way for a person to return to their life after, for example, physiological or mental disorder that has led to disabilities. Please contact us to find out more about how we can help you back.

Exercise at work

Let our engaged trainers jump-start your company. With regular training sick days reduces and you have more energy. We can help your company with everything from start-up activities to entire workout programs for individuals and groups.


Mental enhancement

Mental improvement work includes three key components: crisis management, stress management and counseling. Stress accounts for a large part of Sweden's sick leave and create both economic and social consequences. We provide tools to reduce stress, aid in crisis situations or therapy.

Crisis management

In Sweden there are regulations about crisis management from the Work Environment Authority's regarding first aid and crisis support. 

According to the regulation, it must be predetermined routines of who does what in an emergency situation. We help you create a crisis management policy.

Stress management 

Stress and stress-related illness has become a public health problem. Long-term stress leads to fatigue and can harm the body. By identifying the problems, we can proactively work to prevent fatigue related symptoms.


Counseling can develop you as a person but can also help you in precarious times. The therapist provides support with proven techniques. 

Tasks might sometimes be given to work with between these talks and our therapists will be available at these times as well. 

Group therapy

In group therapy the talks usually concern a common point. Even if this is not as individually focused as counseling there are major benefits, for example, recognizing problems and inspiration from others and how they have handled similar situations.


Organizational improvement

Together with our certified associates, we help you get better in areas such as strategy, leadership development and improvement of the working enviroment. With 40 years of research we know the value of working with developing the organization as well as the individuals in it.

Working enviroment

A well developed working enviroment is a central component in the company's and the collaborators well-being whether you have a sedentary or physically demanding job. We identify the areas of improvement of the work enviroment in order to improve them together.

Leadership development

We focus on leadership, development and group processes. You get insight on how you are perceived as a leader in a group and how you can develop your leadership skills. Contact us if you are interested in developing as a leader

and we will tell you more.

Strategic change management

We help you with your strategic changes and how they can be implemented as well as measuring the effects.  We work with strategic changes in small steps where we choose the behaviors that are the most important to reach the goals. Let us tell you more on how we can help you.


Health improvements

The health statement is the basis for further discussions and the measures we suggest you take regarding health. There is great value in actively working with your health, whether it is for prevention or improvement. Let us help you feel good.

Diet advice

Are you getting enough energy and nutrient to make you feel good, cope with your work and with your leisure activities? Your body needs a mix of different nutrients in order to function and feel good. We will help you to a healthy and sustainable diet. Contact us to find out more.

Alcohol therapy

10% of Sweden's population is considered to be hypersensitive to alcohol. Conversations about alcohol is often perceived as sensitive and may need professional support. The individual and his surrounding effects negatively on alcohol consumption. 

Want more information?

Feel free to contact us using the email form below or by phone 08-550 10 274 if you have any questions or if you are interested in iOpinion and what we can do for your organisation. 

Tack för ditt meddelande, vi återkommer så fort som möjligt.

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