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Improve the health

in your organization

iOpinions scientific survey highlights your organization's improvement possibilities.
We analyze your health and help you feel better.

Do you know how your organization is doing? 

Mental health problems causes a third of all long-term sick leave

Since 2009 sick days have steadily increased, many of them could have been

avoided by detecting signs and symptoms in time.

Mental illness is the second most common cause of sick leave

Through preventive work and efforts at the right time this can drastically decrease.

Based on science

During the last 50 years several psychological studies have contributed to a significant development in the health field. Today there are validated and successful practices that provide measurable improvements in well-being and achievement in various work-related situations. With the right motivation these methods can be taught and adapted to different organizations and companies.

In the last 10 years iOpinion has been developed by company doctor Jan Parke and 

psychologist and statistician Jan Lindell.

Hur fungerar det

How does it work?

By highlighting both strengths and weaknesses in your organization iOpinion presents an overview that can be used to improve the organization. 

Through follow-up work you can also track your improvements.


What does it cost?

$76 per person + VAT

(Minimum quantity for a survey are 10 people). 

Additional services can be purchased in addition to this, see the list of additional services here

Vad kostar det

Improvement measures

As part of the work iOpinion carry out we offer improvement work linked to the strengths and weaknesses your organization have. 

Through our selective selection process, we have picked out the best experts in a variety of areas that are ready to work with your organization. 


All of our partners are certified within iOpinion's validated methods.

Popular improvement measures
Stress management

Stress and stress-related illness has become a public health problem. Long-term stress leads to fatigue and can harm the body. By identifying the problems, we can proactively work to prevent fatigue related symptoms.

Leadership development

We focus on leadership, development and group processes. You get insight on how you are perceived as a leader in a group and how you can develop your leadership skills. Contact us if you are interested in developing as a leader

and we will tell you more.

Exercise at work

Let our engaged trainers jump-start your company. With regular training sick days reduces and you have more energy. We can help your company with everything from start-up activities to entire workout programs for individuals and groups.


Improve the conditions for your collaborators by customizing the environment based on its needs. Ergonomic improvements include 

everything from working position, sound, light and climate to how to treat the body gently when lifting, pushing, pulling etc.

Some of our customers

Bain & Company
Södertörns brandförsvarsförbun

About iOpinion

Our history

iOpinion was born when the entrepreneur Zebastian Victorin decided to digitize his grandfather Jan Lindell's research in psychology and organizational development.

Together with the company doctor Jan Parke, Jan Lindell presented the validated methodology which today form the basis of iOpinion.

Zebastians tech company ZoCom started 2011 with the mission to digitize the methodology and started the construction of a web platform with reference data, web surveys and reporting.

After delivering the technology to big actors in the field of occupational health, and to some of the biggest companies in Sweden vi now operate iOpinion on its own. Since 2018 we offer our powerful platforms and methodology to organizations in Scandinavia who want to feel better and increase their performance. 


Mikael Tellqvist


Mikael Tellqvist, CEO of iOpinion is considered to be one of Swedens most successful ice hockey goaltender. He has been all over the world and has played in the  NHL, SHL and KHL league. He has been part of teams that have won World Championships and Olympic record medals. Today, Mikael help organizations to feel better and increase their performance. 


Petrea Victorin

Occupational health nurse & Rehab Coordinator

Petrea has worked as an occupational health nurse for 16 years and graduated as a rehab coordinator in 2014. With a solid experience, she supports and helps managers, HR, and employees assigned to iOpinion. Extremely knowledgeable in improvement measures and surveys. 


Jan Lindell

Statistics & Psychologist

iOpinion is developed on the basis of more than 60 years combined research and expertise in the field of occupational health, medicine, psychology and statistics of two of Sweden’s leading experts; Jan Lindell and Jan Parke.

Jan Lindell is the founder and owner of SLOT ( Sandberg - Lindell Organization Test) which is a leadership and organizational development tools used in Sweden since 1984. He has also worked with a health research foundation within the construction industry with psychosocial issues. He started his career as a teacher and researcher in cognitive psychology and research methodology at Stockholm University and is a pioneer (1960) in his area. 

Kontkta oss

Tack! Ditt meddelande har skickats till iOpinion

Contact us

Feel free to contact us using the email form below or by phone 08-550 10 274 if you have any questions or if you are interested in iOpinion and what we can do for your organisation. 

Contact us

Birger Jarlsgatan 58, 114 29 Stockholm

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